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A Starter:  Is the peer-review system a guarantee for quality?
Most medical journals use the so-called peer-review system. This implies that for being published all manuscripts are scrutinized by one or two external specialists (referees) in the issue. Here are the comments from five referees, who were asked to review a manuscript by Uffe Ravnskov, sent to and rejected by three different medical journals before it was accepted for publication in Quarterly Journal of Medicine without any changes. Dr. Ravnskov's comments were also sent to the editors of the journals that rejected the article. 

Here are the objections by the referees together with Dr. Ravnskov's responses  
You can read the QJM article here.

Do you think that the huge number of papers worshipping the cholesterol hypothesis have been met with similar comments?


Have you had any side effects from statin treatment?

If you would like to share your experience on statins with researchers at the University of California in San Diego ,
please email at
and/or complete an online (paperless) survey at


Overviews and similar 

* indicates that the author is a member of THINCS
Angell, Marcia Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption. By the previous editor of New England Journal of medicine.  
Colpo, Anthony
LDL Cholesterol: "Bad" Cholesterol, Or Bad Science. A brilliant review of the cholesterol folly published in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons
Freeman, David Lies, Damned Lies and Medical Science. The Atlantic Nov. 2010
Groves, Barry* Second Opinions. Exposing Dietary And Medical Misinformation. According to Petr Skrabanek and James McCormick Scepticaemia is "an uncommon generalised disorder of low infectivity. Medical school education is likely to confer life-long immunity". This review is written by an individual whose scepticism is undisturbed, possibly because he has never attended a medical school
Why a calorie isn't necessarily a calorie BMJ Rapid Response Dec 24, 2005. 
Johnson, Lorie, CBN News

Cholesterol Myth: What really Causes Heart Disease? Oct 28, 2012

Kendrick, Malcolm* Why The Cholesterol-Heart Disease Theory is Wrong. 
(originally published in RedFlagsDaily)
Have we been conned about cholesterol?  An article in Daily Mail about Malcolm Kendrick's new book.
Why raised cholesterol levels do not cause heart disease. Talk at a meeting of the Leeds branch of the Briish Medical Association. Five parts on Youtube:
Part 1: Cholesterol                                       
Part 2: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia         
Part 3: About Statins                                    
Part 4: Stress and the HPA axis (Bjorntorp)    
Part 5: CVD Populations and Stress              
Loren, Karl High Cholesterol Causes Heart Disease? Truth Revealed!
McCully, Kilmer S* Your number is up! The story about atherosclerosis and its rediscovered cause
Cholesterol. About one of our most useful and beneficial molecules.
Naughton, Tom  Big Fat Fiasco:  how the misguided fear of saturated fat created a nation of obese diabetics. A humourous speech with a serious content. Five parts, on Youtube
Public Citizen Dec 16, 2010:. Rapidly Increasing Criminal and Civil Monetary Penalties Against the Pharmaceutical Industry: 1991 to 2010
Ravnskov, Uffe* New Cholesterol Guidelines For Converting Healthy People Into Patients  
Very soon, half of adult mankind is on statin treatment. Is it really wise?
Talk given in Sydney August 2006 (audio)
Saturated Fat is Good for You A paper in three parts
The Cholesterol Myths.
Do you think high cholesterol and animal fat are the direct route to cardiovascular death? Read this!
Should medical science ignore the past? A comment to new guidelines for cholesterol lowering published in British Medical Journal
Ignore the Awkward! How the Cholesterol Myths are Kept Alive. A new book.about how prominent scientists have turned white into black by ignoring all conflicting observations; by twisting and exaggerating trivial findings; by citing studies with opposing results in a way to make them look supportive; and by ignoring or scorning the work of critical scientists.  Includes a short and simplified version of his previous book
Ravnskov, Uffe*, McCully, Kilmer* Vulnerable plaque formation from obstruction of vasa vasorum by homocysteinylated and oxidized lipoprotein aggregates complexed with microbial remnants and LDL autoantibodies. A new hypothesis explaining all observations that do not fit with the diet-cholesterol-heart myth, published in Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science
Smith, Justin Statin Nation. A film exposing the over-prescription of cholesterol-lowering medications and the misrepresentation of medicaL evidence. With interviews of several members of THINCS. Listen also to an interview with the producer and director Justin Smith (starts at 8.05)
Wallace, Hannah Interview with Uffe Ravnskov in The Faster Time: High Cholesterol is Good
Vos, Eddie* Nutrition, Health and Heart Disease

About diet

Bailey, Ronald Weird Science. How Fat And Salt Became Bad. A review of Gary Taube's killing articles, Inc. Ban Trans Fat. A non-profit corporation, led by lawyer and lobbyist Stephen L. Joseph has started a campaign against hydrogenation. (But don´t bother about the effects of trans fat on cholesterol)
Barnett, Anthony They hailed it as a wonderfood. November 7 2004 article in The Guardian about the health effects of soya products and the way the biotech corporation Monsanto acts
David Diamond* How Bad Science and Big usiness created the Obesity Epidemic (two videos)
A follow-up of the above lecture
Enig, Mary* and Fallon, Sally The Oiling of America. A thrilling story about the political campaign against animal fat.
The Truth About Saturated Fat
Forget all what you have heard about saturated fat. Here comes the truth.
Freedland, Eric S* Another Perspective On Diet And Disease.  BMJ Rapid Response 25. Jan. 2002
Golomb, Beatrice Pharma Corruption of Medical Science.A ten minutes youtube talk
Groves, Barry* The Naive Vegetarian
Harcombe, Zoë* Because Everything You Think About Obesity is Wrong
The Britiush Heart Foundation & Flora unhealthy relationship
 High ntake of saturated fat & sperm quality in Danish men

Holmberg, Sara and coworkers
Food Choices and Coronary Heart Disease: A population Based Cohort Study of Rural Swedish Men with 12 Years of Follow-up Yet another strong argument against the vilification of saturated fat.
Hooper, L. et al



Dietary Fat Intake And Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Systematic Review BMJ 2001;322:757-763. Hooper and coworkers performed a meta-analysis of all the unifactorial dietary trials. They found that not a single life has been saved by changing dietary fat. In spite of their negative findings they concluded that their study "certainly provide support, at an individual level, for the central role of dietary fat intake in the causation of cardiovascular disease." Therefore, read also Uffe Ravnskov´s letter (Diet-heart disease is wishful thinking) commenting the study (see below).
Kendrick, Malcolm*
(Malcolm Kendrick´s essays were originally published in RedFlagsDaily if nothing else is stated)
Is it all a big fat lie  
Atkins and the first law of hemodynamics

Atkins Must Be Destroyed!
Have you noticed the many furious attacks against the late Dr. Atkins in the medical and lay press? Do you know the reason? If not, read this!
Why the Atkins diet is healthy.
How to bury $400M  About the disappointing results from the Women’s Health Initiative’s Heart Intervention Study and how to "putting the findings into perspective" (originally published in RedFlagsDaily)
Lawrence Glen D.

Dietary fats and health: dietary recommendations in the context of scientific evidence 

Minger, Denise The China Study: Fact or Fallacy. Is this  book, authored by Colin Campbell, really "one of the most important books about nutrition ever written", as stated on the cover by Dean Ornish? It is rather one of the most misleadings! Read this review!
Ottoboni, Alice* and Fred* The Food Guide Pyramid: Will the Defects Be Corrected?  published in Am J Surg Physicians 2004;9:109-113. If you think that the new dietary guidelines may stop the epidemic rise in obesity and type II diabetes you are wrong. Read what these two renowned biochemists have to say
Pearson, Helen
Trans-fats come under fire. What our member Mary Enig has claimed for many years has finally been acknowledged by Nature/Science.update
Ravnskov, Uffe* Fiscal prevention of ischaemic heart disease should be based on facts Rapid response, BMJ 4. Feb. 2000
Plant sterols: unproved effects on health
Rapid Response, BMJ 13 April 2000  
Diet-Heart Disease Hypothesis Is Wishful Thinking.
BMJ 2002;324: 238. Letter responding to the paper by Hooper et al.
Non-Dietary Factors Explain The Lower Cholesterol Concentration Associated With Frequent Eating.
Rapid Response, BMJ 18. Jan 2002
Dietary fat intake and risk of stroke. Allegations about dietary fat are unfounded.
BMJ 2003; 327:1348 

The diet-heart idea is kept alive by selective citation
Rapid Response BMJ 8. Dec 2003
Report from the First International Symposium on Trans Fatty Acids And Health
Dietary fat is not the villain
BMJ 2005;331:906-7. (Oct 14)
Beware of the carbs! Rapid Response in BMJ 8. Dec 2006.
The Diet Argument. A chapter from his new book "Ignore the Awkward" 
A dietary U-turn! About a new report from WHO and FAO
Saturated Fat is Good for You   About the Swedish Food Administration and its unscientific claims
Ravnskov U*, Allan C*, Atrens D*, Enig MG*, Groves B*, Kaufman J*, Rosch PJ*, Rosenman R*, Werkö L*, Vesti Nielsen J*,  Worm N*

Studies of Dietary Fat And Heart Disease. Science 2002; 295:1464-1465.
Response from THINCS to Scott Grundy demonstrating that the references he has used as arguments against Gary Taubes were false. Scott Grundy has not answered our allegations. 

Soy Online Service Uncovering The Truth About Soy
Sveriges Konsumenter
i Samverkan
Margarin.  Website about margarin and other fats, constructed by a Swedish consumer organisation, inspired by members of THINCS. (In Swedish)
Szwarc, Sandy Junkfood Science Exclusive: The big one — results of the biggest clinical trial of healthy eating ever. Is the low-fat diet really effective? 
Taubes, Gary The Soft Science of Dietary Fat. Did you know that the demonizing of animal fat was accomplished by politicians, not scientists? 
Responses to Gary Taubes' paper and his answer
Tiger, Lionel Human Follies. Brain-and-Mouth Disease. A comment to Gary Taube's article in Science Magazine
Vesti Nelsen, Jørgen * A lowcarb diet is effective in type 1 diabetes as well
Westin S, Heath I Thresholds for normal blood pressure and serum cholesterol. Do you know that more than 90% of all Norwegians above age 49 are at increased risk of cardiovascular disease according to the new European guidelines. Read this wise comment from British Medical Journal and also the Rapid Responses from two of our members Malcolm Kendrick and Eddie Vos. (June 27).

About cholesterol and its lowering


Beck, Melinda Can a Drug That Helps Hearts Be Harmful to the Brain?  Wall Street Journal 12 feb 2008
Business Week Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good? Cover story  on Jan 17, 2008. Research suggests that, except among high-risk heart patients, the benefits of statins such as Lipitor are overstated.
CBS News Statins' Mind-Boggling Effects. Interview with Beatrice Golomb
Cohen, Jay S
Interview with Duane Graveline, MD, astronaut, published in E-newsletter April-June 2004
Deans, Emily Cholesterol and Suicide. Psychology Today 21 March 2011
Deutsch, Marshall E*
Ravnskov, Uffe*
Is It Wise To Screen For Hypercholesterolemia in Children? Poster presented at the 18th International Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Kyoto, 2002.  
Eades, Michael Truth versus hype in the JUPITER study About a new megatrial and the superstatin Crestor
Ellison, Shane* Life Saving Cholesterol Facts.
Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Cancer
The hidden origin of statin drugs. 

Jupiter study highlights 4 reasons to say no to Crestor.
Goldacre, Ben The data belongs to the patients who gave it to you Serious, revealing facts about the new, unpublished and unsuccesful statin trial ENHANCE (Jan 17, 2008)
Golomb, Beatrice Pharma Corruption of Medical Science. Beatrice Golomb, ass. professor in medicine at the University of   California has aimed many years researching the side effects of statin treatment. Listen to her ten minutes youtube talk!
Graveline, Duane* Lipitor, Thief of Memory. Have you ever heard about transient global amnesia, a total loss of memory? Do you know it could be a side effect of statin treatment? If not, read this scaring report by "SpaceDoc", initiated by his own experience
Lipitor Concerns. Possible Downside of a Remarkable Drug
The Statin Dialogues.
More about global amnesia.
Cholesterol - Friend or Foe?
Excerpt from the book: Lipitor, Thief of Memory 
Statins and the Flyer.
Excerpt from the book: Lipitor, Thief of Memory 
Spacedoc Forum A public discussion forum around statin sider effects. 
Adverse drug reports for Lipitor
Griffins, Glenn H.  Statins - don´t add them to the drinking water. Electronic letter, CMAJ 2005; 12. April 
Hudson, Christopher (Telegraph)  Wonder drug that stole my memory. Statins have been hailed as a miracle cure for cholesterol, but little is known about their side effects. Read also the 140 comments, but beware, they are scary.
Kendrick, Malcolm*
(Malcolm Kendrick´s essays were originally published in RedFlagsDaily if nothing else is stated)










What On Earth Is A Lipoprotein? 
OK, do you know what a "fat" is?

Statins for children - this is madness. 
Emigration and deadly heart disease risk
Groundhog Day - In Reverse. 
About amnesia after Lipitor tereatment
Sneak attack.
A Major Shift In Heart Disease Risk Assessment Has Whipped By Right Under Our Noses In A New Global Study...Say Goodbye To Raised Cholesterol/LDL As A Risk Factor In Heart Disease. 
Cholesterol and the French Paradox, The Swiss Paradox, The Russian Paradox, The Lithuanian Paradox...etc.

PROVE-IT and beyond.
Comments to the new statin trial REVERSAL. 
PROVE IT - Proved What?
Comments to the new statin trial PROVE-IT. 
We Are Sleep-Walking Into What Could Become A Major Medical Disaster Because Statin Drugs Will Soon Be Sold Over-The-Counter.
Did you know that statins produce birth defects? 
The Zocor Debacle - I Told You So! But The Great Ship “Cholesterol-Lowering” Has Ripped Its Guts Out On The Harsh Rocks Of Evidence, But Still It Does Not Sink.  
He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune. About opinion leaders and their payments. 
Thanks God He didn´t die of Heart Disease Doctor. About the new "succesful" high-dose statin trial TNT. 
Armed And Dangerous. About drug reps. 
Stopping Statins Is Bad For Your Health. A presidential lesson.  
Gosh, Really, You Don't Say. About the links between the medical journals and the drug industry. 
ASCOT–BPLA (Another Stupid Commercially Overhyped Trial – Before Prescribing Look Again). 
The Constant Gardener.  About drug company morale
Statins and cancer  Do you believe in the drug companies when they tell you that statin treatment prevents cancer?
WHO and the amazing cholesterol data, a youtube presentation.
Are Statins Overused?. Editorial published in Future Lipidology 2007; 2:421-3. 
The Cholesterol Myth exposed. 
A short Youtube presentation
Lambert, Victoria The worrying wonder drug  There is a growing understanding that the statins are not as good as we have been told. By a Daily Telegraph journalist.
McCully, Kilmer* Cholesterol. About one of our most beneficial molecules  
Meijer, Melchior Statins - Miracle drug or tragedy? Article published in the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad on January 10, 2004. (Translated into English). Read also what happened with the journalist after the publication of his article! 
Milloy, Steven Pharmaceutical Fantasy. Fox News, March 19, 2004
Moyer, Melinda Wenner (Scientific American) It's Not Dementia, It's Your Heart Medication: Cholesterol Drugs and Memory. Why cholesterol drugs might affect memory.
Parker-Pope, Tara Will Cholesterol Pills Save Your Life?  New York Times 28 Jan 2008. 
8-Year-Olds on Statins? A New Plan Quickly Bites Back
Palpitations Over a New Pill for Kids
Ravnskov, Uffe*


Evidence That a High Cholesterol Does Not Cause Atherosclerosis. Rapid Response to the paper by Sijbrands et al (see below). BMJ 30. April, 2001
The side effects from the cholesterol lowering drugs may offset their benefit.
BMJ 19. Aug. 2001. Rapid Response to the announcement that Baycol has been withdrawn because of fatal side effects from the kidneys. Note that only the number of dead patients is given, not the number who survived on dialysis treatment or after a kidney transplantation
Hypercholesterolaemia, the commonest non-disease
Rapid response, BMJ 16 Feb 2002.
Statins As The New Aspirin. Conclusions From The Heart Protection Study were Premature.
BMJ 2002;324:789.
Cholesterol And All-Cause Mortality in Honolulu
Lancet 2001; 358: 1907. A comment to the paper by Schatz et al., see below.
New Cholesterol Guidelines For Converting Healthy People Into Patients

Questionable benefit from polypill treatment.
Rapid Response. BMJ July 13, 2003
Serum cholesterol – a surrogate outcome
Rapid Response, BMJ Oct 6, 2003  
The diet-heart idea is kept alive by selective citation Rapid Response, BMJ Dec 8, 2003
The Benefits of High Cholesterol
Did you know that high cholesterol protects you against infections and is a marker for longevity after age 65?
The safety of statins in clinical practice. An overly optimistic review of statin treatment published by Jane Armitage in The Lancet was commented in a letter to the editor by Uffe Ravnskov, but rejected by irrelevant objections. Read the letter, the editors response and Uffe Ravnskovs comments to the response.
The Association Between Statins and Cancer Incidence in a Veterans Population. J Ntl Cancer Inst 2008; doi: 10.1093/jnci/djn160  
The doubtful associaton between blood lipid changes and progression of atherosclerosis. Int J Cardiol 2011 
Ravnskov U*, Kauffman JM*, Langsjoen PH*, McCully, KS,* 
Rosch PJ*  

Association does not prove causation and is not the same as a dose-response relation. Rapid response, BMJ 16. July, 2002.
Statins And Cancer: Cause For Concern. Rapid response. BMJ 22 October 2002

Ravnskov, U* and Kendrick M*   Missing figures from the INTERHEART study. Letter to The Lancet, rejected, but later published as a BMJ Rapid Response
Ravnskov U*, McCully KS* Inflammation in atherosclerosis. Roles of microbes and the lipoprotein immune system . Letter to Journal of the American College of Cardiology rejected because of "space limitation"
Ravnskov U*
Rosch, PJ*
Sutter, MC*   
Should cholesterol be lowered as much as possible? Have we really been told all the facts from the TNT trial? Letter to New England Journal of Medicine with an unsatisfactory response from the authors.
Ravnskov U*, Schersten T*,Sundberg R* Doub tful effect of cholesterol lowering. Rapid Response BMJ 30. sep 2009.
Ravnskov U*
McCully KS*
Vulnerable plaque formation from obstruction of vasa vasorum by homocysteinylated and oxidized lipoprotein aggregates complexed with microbial remnants and LDL autoantibodies  Ann Clin Lab Sci 2009;39:3-16
Ravnskov U,* McCully K,* Rosch* P The statin-low cholesterol-cancer conundrum 
Statins, Cholesterol Levels, and the Risk of Infection
Regush, Nicholas Shabby Medical Thinking. Rapid Response. BMJ June 27, 2003
Rogers, Lois Deaths linked to heart drugs. The Sunday Times (London) March 6, 2005
Rosch, Paul J* Statins Don't Work By Lowering Lipids. Rapid  Response. BMJ Nov 16, 2001
Do Statins Prevent and Treat Infections - Or Is It High Cholesterol? As usual medical journals do not accept letters questioning the benefit of statin treatment. Here is yet another example. Read also this paper in British Medical Journal
Rosenberg, Harriet
Allard, Danielle
Evidence for Caution: Women and statin use A meticulous 36-pages report about the senseless and dangerous use of statins in women. A publication from Canadian Women's Health Network 
Szwarc, Sandy Incredible new guidelines! As we all know high cholesterol is not a risk factor for women. Conclusion? All women are at risk and need treatment! Read this brilliant essay about risk factors!
How’d we get here? If you’re confused about the latest statin and cholesterol news, this information may help...  An excellent explanation of what is meant by a controlled, double-blind trial and how the drug companies have circumvented this principle. 
When science and sales get mixed up  About how the public and the medical community are manipulated by the statin producers (3. April, 2008)
Is it for real? Cholesterol screening in toddlers and statins from elementary school age?
When the news sounds too good… statin, the new wonder drug. About the megatrial JUPITER and the new "superstatin" Crestor
Seneff, Stephanie* Cholesterol-lowering statin drugs shown to be extremely unhealthy
Sijbrands et al Mortality Over Two Centuries in Large Pedigree With Familial Hypercholesterolaemia: Family Tree Mortality Study.   BMJ 2001;322: 1019-1023. Do you think that most people with familial hyperchole-sterolemia die at an early age?
Sultan, Sherif  and Niamh Hynes

The Ugly Side of Statins. Systemic Appraisal of the Contemporary Un-Known Unknowns Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases 2013 vol 3

Gary What’s Cholesterol Got to Do With It? Op-ed in New York Times on Jan 27.
Wagstaff LR et al.
Statin-Associated Memory Loss: Analysis of 60 Case Reports and Review of the Literature. Pharmacotherapy 23(7):871-880, 2003
Vesti Nielsen, Jørgen* The Rise And Fall of Heart Disease Rapid Response. BMJ 30. April 2001
Serum Lipid Lowering and Risk Reduction - Where Is The Connection?
Rapid Response. BMJ 2001: 19. Nov.
Wilson, Duff  Harvard Medical School in Ethics Quandary. A New York Times article about Harvard medical students taught by a professor sponsored by ten drug compagnies
von Radowitz, John (The Independent)  85% of new drugs 'offer few benefits'
Voss, Eddie*

Voss, Eddie* and Rose CP

Stanol/Sterol Margarines; Trans fats and Benecol. BMJ. 13. April 2001. Rapid Response to Law, M. 
Death isn´t unimportant  About the Canadian dyslipidemia guidelines. CMAJ 2005; 173: 1210
Wu L, Schauss AG The Scientific Basis for LDLCholesterol-Lowering Therapy by Wu L and Schauss AG. (go to page 2 on the site). A critical comment to Anthony Colpo's paper LDL cholesterol: "bad" cholesterol, or bad science? Journal of American Surgeons and Physicians 2005;10:83-89. Don't forget to read Colpo's response!



Barry, Dave Good for Whatever Ails You This classic column was originally published on June 21, 1998
Burne, Jerome     Let them eat cake, butter, cream ... Article about THINCS in The Guardian
Easy Dianosis Medical Controversies. A selection of links to critical papers
Ellison, Shane* Over the Counter Natural Cures: Take Charge of Your Health in 30 Days with 10 Lifesaving Supplements for under $10 
Grooves, Barry * Only 80% reduction? Why not go for 100%? Rapid Response. BMJ June 27, 2003
Kauffman, Joel* Benefits of Vitamin D Supplementation
Kendrick, Malcolm
(All Malcolm Kendrick´s essays were originally published in RedFlagsDaily if nothing else is stated)


'Not Everything That Matters Can Be Measured' (Albert Einstein). Rapid Response. BMJ May 29, 2002. About stress and heart disease.  
Emigration And Deadly Heart Disease Risk.
What Protects The French From Heart Disease? It's Not What You Think!
Idiotic Thinking In Medicine. C-Reactive Protein.  How The Medical Profession Will Turn A Symptom Into A Disease.
High Blood Presssure: It’s A Symptom, Not A Disease, Stupid!
Treating high blood pressure: What can you believe?
The Joy of Hypertension Trials
Is Heart Disease All Due To Blood Clots?

Type II Diabetes Isn´t A Disease.
The new hypertension guidelines: Now we are all to be officially ill.
How risky is a risk?

Bevare the placebo effect

Teleoanalysis -  or when I finally realized that I had fallen down the rabbit hole

The death of the reference
So what does cause heart disease?
An Astonishing finding that fails to surprise.

A Sugary Tale. 
Berardinelli-Seip - Explain That?
More about diabetes.
Time For A Conspiracy Theory Or Two
About Phizer and their "disobedient" employee. 
Gosh, Really, You Don't Say.
About the links between the medical journals and the drug industry.
Too little, too late. Can we believe in medical science? 
Temporarily able
Are there any healthy people anywhere?
Statins and Cancer. (Now It Is Getting Silly).  
What Tangled Webs We Weave. Who to believe in the medical sciences.
More Grist To The Grill. About stress and the heart
Reflections On Scientific Dogma Thoughts around the new Nobel Prize winners. 
Justice Saves Lives
About stress and heart disease.
Masterjohn, Chris
Does high cholesterol cause Morbus Alzheimer? Of course not. Learn why not.
Napoli, Maryann Cholesterol Skeptics And The Bad News About Statin Drugs. Report from the 4. Annual Weston A Price Conference in Washington DC
Ravnskov, Uffe* Papers published in Läkartidningen (in Swedish)
Rosch, Paul J.* More Heat Than Light. Rapid Response. BMJ. May 30, 2002. About stress and heart disease
Do You Have a Good Blood Pressure?
Dr. Mercola´s newsletter 21. June 2003
Vesti Nielsen, Jørgen* Predicting Risk Of Death From Cardiovascular Disease. Individual cardiovascular risk cannot be predicted. BMJ 2001
Vos, Eddie* PolyPill may not decrease all-cause mortality. Rapid Response. BMJ June 27, 2003


Have you had any side effects from statin treatment?

http://www.zoeharcombe.comIf you would like to share your experience on statins with researchers at the University of California in San Diego ,
please email at
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Summaries of talks given by members of THINCS at the Fourth Annual Conference
     of The Weston A. Price Foundation, WISE TRADITIONS, held May 3-5, 2003 in
     Arlington, VA, USA  

     All what you need to know about homocysteine       



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 Easy Diagnosis: Medical Controversies
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