The Robert Guthrie Biochemical Genetics Laboratory at the Buffalo General Hospital, Kaleida Health, and the University at Buffalo is currently looking for individuals who have been taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins) for at least 6 months.  Those invited to participate will fall into three categories as described below: 

(1)        Normal Control Individuals would be those individuals that have had no muscle pain or weakness while taking statins. 

(2)        Severely Affected Individuals would be those who suffer incapacitating muscle pain, cramps or weakness that leads to disability temporarily while taking statin drugs, or persistently after drug therapy has been discontinued.  In addition, any participant who has had any of the following abnormal test results (if known):                

                The observation of “coca-cola” colored urine

    Abnormal elevation of a blood substance called “creatine kinase” or CK or CPK

    Abnormal EMG (electromyogram).  This test is performed by a neurologist who places a needle in various muscles and electrically stimulates the muscles.  You may already have had muscle biopsy studies performed. 

(3)        Mildly Affected Individuals are those who have noted mild muscle pain, cramps or weakness that is bearable without discontinuing statin therapy. 

There is no cost or payment to you for participation in this study.  The benefits to you will be the possible provision of risk factor information about side effects from these medications that may help with your future medical care. 

*Please note that participants will be responsible for the collection and shipment of a blood sample to our laboratory, as well as the completion of consent forms and a medical questionnaire. Costs related to blood collection and shipping will be reimbursed to you.* 

If you would like to participate in the Statin Study, please call Cathy Kern at 716-829-2695 on Tuesday through Friday or leave a message for a call back. 


The study protocol has been approved by the Health Sciences Institutional Review Board of The University at Buffalo